Thriller with Beth Alsbury and Ross Kemp. A woman risks her life investigating an attack.

Blindspot is the story of Hannah Quinn, a disabled woman with a wry sense of humour, who works monitoring the CCTV on a rough estate.

One day she sees a man she knows is a violent criminal lead a young woman into a blind spot in the camera coverage. He emerges alone but when the police arrive there is no sign of the woman, who appears to have vanished into thin air.

 Hannah is convinced that she has been murdered, but her fears are dismissed by the apathetic and possibly corrupt policeman Tony Warden, who is in charge of the case. Hannah remains undeterred and will soon find her own life in danger as she fights to discover what really happened in the blind spot.

  • GenreDrama
  • Duration4x60
  • Broadcaster Channel 5
  • Completion2023